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【Visit the Gold Coast!】1

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When you visit the Gold Coast, you will find excitement all over the city. From action packed experiences for the little ones to the memorable adventures for the whole family, it’s no wonder that the Gold Coast continues to be a popular tourist destination. 

We’ve got our typical must-dos that you might find on a lot of advertisements and websites. But we are here to tell you about our personal favourites as locals; ones that might not be as well-known!

  1. Purling Brook Falls
    This is one of the most beautiful nature walks you can do on the Gold Coast. Nestled in Springbrook, it’s a popular spot for locals. The views from the top are just spectacular! One of the best things about this walk is that you can choose the walk that works best for you. You can choose to take a short trip (this is perfect if you have younger kids) or you can take a longer trip to the waterfall (see the photo we took!) and enjoy a picnic and a swim there.
  2. Paradise Country Farm
    Paradise Country is a part of Village Roadshow, which means that if you get a particular pass for Movie World or Sea World, you will get entry into Paradise Country too. It’s hidden behind Movie World so it can sometimes get missed but there are so many exciting animals and experiences there for you! There is even an ‘Opal Mining’ experience there too… near the Marmosets we saw when we went there!

  3. Abrakidazzle Indoor Play Arena
    If you have children who need to unleash their energy or if you’re a child at heart, you will love this indoor playground! We used to take our kids (who are both in their 20s now) there and they would always beg us to take them there when they were younger. We don’t have any photos but click here to see what they are all about. 
  4. The Currumbin Boat Shed
    Enjoy some stand up paddle boarding and kayaking on the calm waters of Currumbin Creek! You can hire equipment for these experiences (and even hire fishing rods too) at the Boat Shed. The beach is nice but sometimes the serenity of the creek is exactly what you need.

Stay tuned to read more about other places we highly recommend… but until then, why don’t you come and visit the Gold Coast?




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