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Micah’s Battle with Leukaemia


Leukaemia is a blood cancer that no child, or anyone for that matter, should ever, ever have to go through. Unfortunately for four year old Micah and his family, this was the heartbreaking diagnosis that they were given.

Micah is like any other child. He loves dinosaurs, he has found a love for soccer, he’s curious about the world, and enjoys spending time in his beautiful community of Currumbin Valley in the Gold Coast, Queensland. 

And just like any other child, Micah sometimes got hurt and injured. But this time, it was his foot that wasn’t healing that made his parents make the choice to have it checked.

But, nobody expects to find out that their little boy has Leukaemia…

Micah and his family were rushed to Brisbane (an hour from his home) for immediate treatment. Within the week, he went through chemo and surgery. 

They were moved to the Ronald McDonald House in Brisbane to make sure that they can be there for him, 24/7.

This means that his mum and dad – who both work in education – are unable to work. And even though the health system in Australia is much better than some other countries, living with Leukaemia is not cheap.

We can only imagine how devastating, challenging and anxious this whole thing must be for Micah and his family. 

Since the Go Fund Me was set up by Micah’s community, the Gold Coast has truly shown their compassion and sense of support. It has been absolutely incredible to see the community unite to help a four year old boy fight this battle… so that he doesn’t have to fight it alone.

This brave boy has a tough road ahead of him. There’s no doubt about that. But we also know that he will fight this battle and he will win this battle. 

We are thinking of you,  beautiful boy!

To make a donation to help Micah fight his battle with Leukaemia, click here


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