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light blue one use medical protective masks

Masks in QLD

light blue one use medical protective masks

So, remember that last post about COVID-19 on the Gold Coast, Queensland? Well, it looks like we are back to a world of panicked toilet-paper-buying, confusion, cotton-tip-up-your-nose testing and… masks. Those masks that we didn’t ever have to wear have now become… mandatory.

Long story short, it all started with a young man testing positive for COVID-19 in Brisbane. Soon enough, there was a second case that came from a close contact. And then a cluster formed. Poor Greater Brisbane got put into a three day lockdown (again)…

But this time, the rest of Queensland was expected to wear a mask indoors. Yep, that included us on the Gold Coast. 

We haven’t had to wear a mask throughout the whole pandemic (even at our peak!). So just imagine how confused and shocked we were to find out that we would have to wear one when we went grocery shopping, ate dinner at a restaurant or caught a bus to work. 

Kids under the age of 12 weren’t expected to wear them though, which was fair. 

As much as it sucks having to wear a mask (mainly just because of the discomfort associated with masks), I guess we have to do everything we can to make sure that everyone stays safe.

The COVID vaccine has come out but only a small portion of the population have received the vaccine so far. 

Plus, last time Brisbane into lockdown lots of people from Brisbane rushed down to the Gold Coast to avoid their three day lockdown. So there could be a chance that it could spread to the Gold Coast if this is the case again. Although we would hope not!

We hope everyone stays safe, and please follow the rules – it’s really not that hard!

For more recent information, please see the Queensland Health website.

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