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Gold Coast’s Opal Specialist Shop Now Luxury Jewellery Slide Shop Now The earth-like colours of this 18k White Gold pendant is featured on the genuine Australian solid Black Opal. Show off the beauty of the Opal with the beautiful vibrancy of the blues.

Like the ocean
Slide Shop Now This vintage style pendant top features genuine Australian solid Black Opal and 18k Yellow Gold. It is perfect as a collector’s item, a special heirloom piece or simply as an addition to your jewellery collection. Timeless Beauty Slide Shop Now Like the peacock, this pair of extravagant statement stud earrings are sure to captivate attention at your next fancy event. They represent the beauty of Australia’s national gemstone and is unique in its style. It is made of genuine Australian solid White Opal and Sterling Silver (925). Made and inspired by nature


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